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Neutral Grounding



Purcee Industrial Power is pleased to offer the MegaResistors brand of Neutral Grounding Resistors


  • Up to 5,000 amperes and up to 115,000 volts line to neutral.
  • Galvanized steel or satin coated steel enclosures phosphatized and powder coated.
  • Optional stainless steel and aluminum enclosures.
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts.
  • Stainless steel and tin plated cooper connectors and internal connections for positive contact and reduced oxidation.
  • Indoor or indoor-outdoor service with ventilated or non-ventilated top and sides.
  • Removable top or side covers and optional side or front doors.
  • Solid or perforated bottom for protection against the entrance of rodents, birds or accidental contact by personnel.
  • Wire-wound, Edge-wound and Stamped Grid stainless steel resistive elements without paralleling up to 800 amps.
  • Double insulation to ground.
  • Designed to absorb thermal expansions and contractions.
  • High-temperature mica, ceramic and synthetic insulators.
  • Standard bushings and insulators for easy replacement in case of damage.
  • Optional entrance and exit bushings located according to customer’s needs.
  • Optional current transformers, voltage transformers and relays for fault detection, mounted inside the enclosure with optional external terminal box.
  • Optional Step-down and Zig-zag transformers.
  • Optional enclosure heaters, thermostats and temperature relays.
  • Manual, test report and optional CSA code special inspection and blue label.
  • Optional aluminum, stainless steel and lamacoid nameplates and tags.
  • Designed, manufactured and tested according to IEEE, IEC, NEMA and CSA standards.
  • 24 month guarantee.